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 Joe aka Blue GM application

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What do u think about my application :P
Its good
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Nah, i dont like it, u could do better
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This is terrible
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PostSubject: Joe aka Blue GM application   Joe aka Blue GM application Icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2009 5:42 pm

-Job you want to apply (coder, gm): I'm gonna apply for a GM job

Hey guys, im gonna apply for GM, reply about what u feel about this application, please Smile

-Name: Joe aka Joel or Blue

-Age: I'm 15 years old right now, birthing into 16 soonish Razz

-IGN aka In-Game Name: None, yet (Hamachi wont work, PM me if u can help)

-How can you improve the server: Well, guess by donating, voting daily, advertise, making youtube videos,

banning hackers, make the server more comfortable and solving problems. Banning other advertisers (people

who advertises for other servers) spammers, trollers and report abusing GMs.

-How many hours can you play per day: Well, on weekdays probably up to 6-8 hours.

On weekends i can be on up to 18hours (i got no life Lol...)

Since i got exams some times maybe i wont be on for a long time cause of i got to

study alot... I know, school suck...

-Your expriences (if any): In General, ive been GM 12 times (in maplestory private servers ONLY)

My GM career started in DagonMS which was a very known and good ranked server. I'm exped and i know

a hella shitload of commands... Im pretty exped in holding events, i can make events daily, since it's so

funny Razz Hacker catching is my specialty, in about 8 of these 12 servers ive been GM on my job was

hacker catching... Even catching hackers is very funny since they get so mad and wont admit that they hack

even if i have a clearly screen shot of them hacking. Even if i got to study, if u need me just msg me on msn and ill study later.

My friends and teammates will always come first =)

I can't remember all the servers ive been GM on but i'll tell u some.

On RogerMS i were Forum Owner and Ingame Admin.

On AmsMS i were Forum Admin and ingame Admin

On DutchMS i were Forum Mod and ingame Head-GM

On DagonMS i were Forum Super-Mod and ingame Head-GM

On LeafMS i were Forum Owner and ingame admin

On AubeStory i were Forum Admin and ingame GM

and the last one i can remember is NotMaplestory

where i were Forum Mod and ingame Head-GM

Sry, my memory isnt the best >.<

-Why do you want to apply for GM?: Well, cause i want to help out ingame and help with keeping

the server alive and nice, i want to be a GM becuase then i have the powers to ban hackers, advertisers, spammers,

flamers and trollers and keep them away from this awesome server.

I want to help out with hackers when u other GMs dosnt have time or are offline.

I could help with hosting events and figure out nice prizes and rewards.

I can help keeping the forums alive since im a real forum whore :PP

haha, i can also track up hackers easily and jail or ban depending on what they did.

Glitch and bug abusers will be banned on jailed depending on what glitch of bug they abused, if they dosnt deserve to

be banned, they will be jailed for a hour or two and give back the items/stuff they got from glitch/bug.

I wan't to help u Chrissie with coding if u allow me to. (I got to practice, still not a very pro coder)

-About yourseft: Well, im 15 years old, i live in Sweden, Malmoe.

I have an awesome family and the best friends in the world.

I'm a cool guy, which always tries to be as happy and positive as possible and i always try to help

out with stuff and solving problems.

I can get rly pissed if u talk shit about me and my family.

I would'nt give or fund players since it very, very unfair and i would probably break the GM rules.

I have no life so im on the computer alot but dont expect me to be a fat american boy with just fat, im out alot

and i goto gym and soccer every week.

So, this is my GM application.
Reply what u think Smile


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Joe aka Blue GM application
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