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 Time for ppl

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[GM]Riot AKA Aariz

[GM]Riot AKA Aariz

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Time for ppl Empty
PostSubject: Time for ppl   Time for ppl Icon_minitimeFri May 01, 2009 10:41 am

Hey everyone um chrissy i cant play because server never on when im on so i was wondering if we could change the times so i am asking of u to start server at midnight ur time and keep it on for like 12 hours because that will work for me and other players so yea because right now im having to wake up at 2:00 in the morning to play so yea.... Sleep anyways it would help alot PLZ CAN WE TRY THIS FOR LIKE A MONTH BECAUSE I CAN DONATE LIKE 20 OR 30$ SO THAT WE CAN MAKE IT 24/7

GMS PLZ LISTEN IF THIS TIME DOES NOT WORK FOR U AND PS THIS TIME IS GMT +8 I ALREADY CONVERTED TO CHRISSY TIME ... WE CAN CHANGE IT UP A LIL BIT TO MAKE IT FIT FOR ALL GMS THIS WILL HELP ME AND I THINK IT WILL WORK FOR EVERYONE ALSO CHRISSY MAYBE U CAN MAKE THE TIME EVEN LONGER???? oh yea i know how ur comp. needs to rest so u can like run the server at midnight to 12 noon or like anytime u want that way it will work for me and others because alot of players are in the USA and that will help us

thank you for reading this message lol! Twisted Evil Suspect
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Time for ppl
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