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 Drix's GM APP

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PostSubject: Drix's GM APP   Drix's GM APP Icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2009 11:04 am

-Job you want to apply (coder, gm):



-IGN aka In-Game Name:

-How can you improve the server:
I'm very out going i love doing things differently. I love doing events and i also can discipline players if i have too.. However if i do ill go by a One warning then punishment system. Also i am good with Websites.

-How many hours can you play per day:
4-8 depending on school or if I'm going out.. i tend to go out most Saturday nights ( parties & bullshit) but most days would be 4-6hours Sundays 4-8

-Your experiences (if any):
Yes, i made my own server with my cousin just to muck around it didn't go public. I was a GM in UrbanMS for 3months.

-Why do you want to apply for (Job you want to apply):
Because i feel that i can make a difference in the management of the server Smile

-About yourself:
I'm fun and very outgoing. i love maple story but i also love my outside life. i like going to parties i hate school lol.
i love 2pac ROFL...and ima legend ROFL =P
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Drix's GM APP
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