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 Bryanlee211/MrRed GM App

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PostSubject: Bryanlee211/MrRed GM App   Bryanlee211/MrRed GM App Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 11:28 pm

Title: bryanlee211/MrRed<(Your IGN)'s EventGM<(Whatever job you wanna to apply) Application

-Job you want to apply (coder, gm):GM
-Name:Bryan Lee Shen Rui
-Age:14(15 on Sept 23)
-IGN aka In-Game Name:either bryanlee211 or MrRed i havent got an account Sad
-How can you improve the server:More events (might have more players like my friends and all)
-How many hours can you play per day: It depends if i wanna play or not Razz
-Your expriences (if any): Used to be a v55 EventGM/Server runner that was long ago. cant even remember the servers.
-Why do you want to apply for EventGM(Job you want to apply):Because i wanna be a gm as i havent been for quite some time...i know the reason sucks..... im just being straight
-About yourseft: I love playing computer thats why i spend lots of money on my com part by part. I like people accepting/facing the facts instead of like.... you know..... lets say someone wants to breakup and the other party just dosent let go.... i know all my reasons and stuffs are like shitty and noobish but yeah... not trying to showoff and all
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Bryanlee211/MrRed GM App
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